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We are a family company with a long-standing casting tradition. In our actions, we always adhere to the supreme quality and precision. Our staff is composed of experienced professionals who know perfectly how to make use of our tools and systems.

We based the passion for executed tasks on the most recent machines in the field of casting and digital machining. We realise perfectly that compliance with the strictest standards and criteria imposed in the industry is possible only thanks to effective catching up with the dynamic technological development.

Therefore, we have our own design office, tool room, foundry, mechanical machining department and powder coating room at our disposal. Thanks to that, we act in complete independence, offering services of comprehensive nature. We carry out the most demanding and complex orders of our Clients.

Services of ALU-MET

Rich machine equipment and knowledge of our employees enabled us to prepare a developed offer of services. We create and adjust our aluminium casts since the beginning to the very end.

  • Designing. In our office, we design die and gravity casts, on the basis of documentation that has been provided. We are ready to face any requirements and to carry out even the most ambitious plans and projects.

In the framework of the design service, we also carry out casting simulations that enable us to optimise casting and mechanical machining processes. For this purpose, we use modern software and specially adjusted machines.

  • Production of die and gravity casts. It is enabled for us thanks to our own tool room in which we also elaborate prototypes presented to the Clients. Thanks to that it is possible to eliminate potential defects or to introduce ultimate changes.
  • Moulding. It is performed using the die casting or gravity casting method, depending on the project. In each case, we use the best available appliances and tools. Exemplary casts are also made for our Clients.
  • Mechanical machining. Taking care of every detail, we adjust casts in such a way as to ensure that they meet specific criteria and requirements imposed by the Clients and sector in which they act. Machining consists in among others threading, grinding, drilling and the use of CNC machining and tumbling systems.
  • Powder coating. In our powder coating room, we carry out both serial coating of the casts and coating made to an individual order. It is possible to choose any powder coating parameters, as well as to choose a specific paint. The applied coating distinguishes itself not only by its aesthetic appearance, but also by its high mechanical durability and resistance to corrosion, impact of chemicals and high temperatures.

We understand the needs of our clients and we believe that flexibility and short delivery time are the key to success. That is why in our company each order is approached with full commitment. Following our values, we offer high-quality products at competitive prices. We kindly encourage you to learn more about ALU-MET's offer and to contact us by phone or by e-mail.

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