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ALU-MET uses its own foundry equipped with a series of modern machines and tools that enable to make aluminium casts. The access to the most recent technologies and an experienced staff enable us to carry out an order since the very beginning, i.e. elaboration of the project until its execution and machining of produced materials. Thanks to that, our Clients have full control over the entire technological process. They can also count on maintenance of high manufacturing quality at all time.

The foundry serves us to carry out orders in two ways – trough the gravity casting and die casting. In that way, we are able to offer casts of various weights and clamping forces, in short, average or longer series. In each case, we provide full technological support and control over the project. Including in financial terms.

Die casting

This method is carried out by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a specially prepared mould cavity. It ensures a very high durability of the casts, as well as a high efficiency of the entire process. This also applies to a multi-session production.

But that is not all. The equipment of our foundry also translates into a possibility to achieve proper physical and chemical properties of the prepared casts, which has a direct impact on durability of further products. The die casting technology is also recommended for production of details of various shapes and thin-walled casts.

We use cold-chamber machines for die casting. They enable us to adjust the casting process in terms of technical parameters.

Gravity casting

Our offer also includes gravity casting method. It is carried out with the use of machines that optimise the drawing and pouring processes and maintain the best parameters in order to obtain highly durable casts. A modern equipment of ALU-MET's foundry enables to use the full potential of the gravity casting method. As in the case of the die casting, our services are of comprehensive nature. As a result, we obtain high-quality casts meeting a series of environmental criteria.

Furthermore, our casting simulations also have impact on the level of satisfaction of our Clients. They make it easier for us to detect potential weaknesses and design defects. Once they are eliminated, we produce the final cast.

Our own foundry with rich equipment provides us with wide possibilities to carry out every order. We are able to satisfy even the most demanding Clients and create any kind of aluminium cast. We encourage you to learn more about our full offer and to contact us by phone or by e-mail.

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